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The most beautiful places to visit near us

Vendicari natural reserve, a wildlife oasis.

The Vendicari Natural Reserve, located between Noto and Marzamemi, is a precious wildlife oasis that hosts numerous migratory birds. Inside there are important archaeological and architectural ruins, including Byzantine settlements such as churches, catacombs, houses and necropoles. The Swabian Tower, probably built by Pietro d’Aragona, count of Alburquerque and duke of Noto (1406-1438), is the undisputed symbol of the Reserve. Near the tower is the Vendicari tuna fishery, a ruined building that still has the chimney in good condition, as well as several workshops and fishermen’s houses. Built in the eighteenth century, the ‘Tonnara’ represents an important testimony of local history.

Calamosche, among the 5 most beautiful beaches in Italy

Calamosche in Sicily, was named one of the five most beautiful beaches in Italy by The Guardian. In 2005, the Blue Guide of Legambiente declared it “the most beautiful beach in Italy”. This outstanding beach features a lovely natural pool, perfect for snorkelling. Moving along the coral reef on the sides of the gulf, where the seabed is deeper, you can explore caves, cavities and ravines, which are home to a variety of marine fauna. Direct access to the beach is guaranteed by a dedicated entrance, located on the SP19. Once you arrive at the parking lot, you need to walk a path of about one kilometre. Although it may seem like a small sacrifice, once you arrive you will be rewarded with the sight of an enchanting place and a true natural paradise. The particular conformation of the Calamosche beach makes it ideal for both sand lovers as well as those who appreciate clear and deep waters. Without a doubt, a unique beach in the world.

Noto, the baroque jewel

Noto, considered the capital of Sicilian Baroque, is a city that combines architectural marvels and the pleasures of everyday life, including shops, restaurants and cafés.

Among the wonders of the city, the Cathedral of San Nicolò stands out as the most important religious building in Noto. Largely rebuilt in 2007, the cathedral is an architectural jewel of indisputable beauty, which best represents the Sicilian Baroque style, one of the most appreciated on the island and widespread in the Val di Noto area.

In 2002, the Cathedral of San Nicolò was awarded the prestigious recognition of World Heritage by UNESCO, confirming its cultural and artistic importance.

Scicli, unique beauty

Scicli is a small town located in the valley of the Irminio river, a few kilometers from the sea. It is a place rich in history and culture, famous above all for its Baroque heritage, which has allowed it to be included in the list of UNESCO sites of the Val di Noto. Walking through its streets, you will be able to admire Baroque palaces and magnificent churches, such as the Church of San Matteo and the Church of San Giovanni Battista. Furthermore, Scicli was also the set of various film productions, including the famous television series “Il Commissario Montalbano”.
But Scicli is not only art and culture, it is also a perfect place to enjoy the sea and the surrounding nature. In fact, a few kilometers from the city center are some of the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, such as Sampieri beach and the Cava d’Aliga Nature Reserve. Furthermore, Scicli is also famous for its gastronomy, which offers delicacies such as pasta alla Norma, Sicilian cannoli and homemade ice cream. In short, Scicli is a fascinating city, which manages to combine art, culture, sea and good food in a perfect mix. I’m sure you won’t regret it if you decide to include it in your travel itinerary in Sicily.

Siracusea, the Greek city

Siracusa is one of the oldest and most fascinating cities in Sicily, located on the east coast  of the island. Founded by the Greeks in the 8th century BC, Siracusa was one of the most important cities of Magna Graecia and Sicily in the classical era.

The city is divided into two parts: the island of Ortigia, the historic center of Syracuse, and the modern part of the city. Ortigia is the beating heart of Siracusa, with its alleys, its squares, its ancient monuments and its shops and restaurants. Here are some of the most precious treasures of Siracusa, such as the Cathedral, the Temple of Apollo, the Fonte Aretusa and the Castello Maniace. The modern city of Siracusa, on the other hand, is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, with a lively nightlife, museums, art galleries and parks. Among the places not to be missed are the Roman Amphitheater, the Paolo Orsi Regional Archaeological Museum and the Necropolis of Pantalica. Syracuse is also famous for its beautiful beaches, such as Fontane Bianche beach, Arenella beach and the Vendicari Nature Reserve. Furthermore, Siracusa is famous for its traditional cuisine, with dishes such as Siracusastyle pasta, fresh fish, Sicilian cassata and, of course, Sicilian cannolo. A visit to Siracusa is an unforgettable experience to discover the culture, history and traditions of Sicily. 

Marzamemi, an ancient fishermen village

The seaside village of Marzamemi is located in the southeastern tip of Sicily, a few kilometers from Noto and Siracusa. It is a charming place, characterized by small white houses and narrow streets that open onto the picturesque main square, surrounded by restaurants, bars and local craft shops.
The village has a long history dating back to the Greek period, but it is above all known for its tuna fishing tradition, which has marked the life and economy of the community for centuries. Even today, the ‘Tonnara di Marzamemi’ represents one of the main sites of historical and cultural interest in the village, with its imposing tower, the old chimney and the ancient salting tanks.
But Marzamemi is not only history and culture. Its natural beauty is astonishing: the coast is characterized by long beaches of golden sand, sheer cliffs and bays protected from the waves. The crystal clear sea is perfect for swimming, snorkelling or taking a boat ride to explore the nearby islands of Vendicari and Capo Passero. Finally, Marzamemi is also a place of tasty culinary experiences. The local culinary tradition is based on the flavors of the sea and the land, with dishes such as pasta with sardines, fresh grilled fish and, of course, the famous tuna fish from Marzamemi, which are considered among the best in Italy.

Etna, the highest Volcano in Europe

Mount Etna is one of the most famous and active volcanoes in the world, located on the east coast of Sicily, Italy. With a height of about 3,329 meters, it is the highest active volcano in Europe.
Etna is a very suggestive and fascinating place, with a geological history dating back to about 500,000 years ago. The surrounding area is full of unique flora and fauna, and the panoramic view from the volcano is breathtaking. Exploring Etna is a unique and unforgettable experience. There are several excursions that it is possible to do, including climbing to the top of the volcano with an expert guide to admire the breathtaking panorama of Sicily. Furthermore, there are numerous protected natural areas around Etna, including the Etna Park, where it is possible to go hiking or mountain biking. The volcano is also a popular attraction for fans of extreme sports, such as paragliding and skydiving. In general, visiting Etna is an experience that goes beyond simple tourism, being a natural wonder that has shaped the history and culture of Sicily.

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa Ibla is one of the most fascinating jewels of Sicily, famous for its Baroque architecture and the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes. The old town, located on the hill, offers visitors a glimpse into the past with its narrow winding streets, stone houses and impressive churches. The Cathedral of San Giorgio, with its ornamental facade, is one of the most famous attractions of Ragusa Ibla, but no less spectacular is the balcony of Piazza Duomo which offers a breathtaking view of the valley below. Among other things to see, there are the Giardino Ibleo, the Palazzo della Cancelleria, the Church of San Giuseppe and the Castle of Donnafugata, all of which have a unique historical and artistic value. A visit to Ragusa Ibla is an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves culture, history and timeless beauty.


Taormina, located on the east coast of Sicily, is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist resorts on the island. Known for its naturalistic beauty, historic architecture, beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, Taormina offers a perfect holiday for those seeking relaxation, culture and entertainment. The city is famous for its ancient theatre, a jewel of Greek-Roman architecture which offers a breathtaking view of the sea. Furthermore, the historic city center offers a unique shopping experience, with shops selling local products, handicrafts and souvenirs. The beaches of Taormina are among the most beautiful in Sicily, with fine sand and crystal clear sea. Visitors can also enjoy the panoramic view from the top of Monte Tauro, or go hiking in the nearby Isola Bella Nature Reserve. Taormina is the ideal destination for those looking for a relaxing holiday but at the same time full of activities and cultural experiences.


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