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Casa Carlita is hosted by Nature, we hence care about her.

The construction of Casa Carlita was carried out with the clear aim of minimising its environmental footprint. Casa Carlita is located in the heart of an organic olive grove. The cultivation of our olives and the production of our olive oil are environmentally friendly without the use of any chemical. Rainwater is recovered for the irrigation of the property. Only local varieties of plants that require little water have been selected for the garden. Local natural materials were our choice in the construction. The excellent insulation of the house makes it possible to reduce energy consumption to a minimum. The juxtaposition of the layers of material that make up the walls, windows and doors allows you to keep the house cool in the hot months and to maintain a pleasantly warm environment in the cold season. The lighting is designed for reduced electricity consumption. Internet can be used via Wi-Fi or cable, according to the wishes of the guests. Those who avoid electromagnetic waves in their environment can also request the internet to be turned off. As Casa Carlita is located in an isolated location, it does not receive any other Wi-Fi signal. The parking roof structure consists of a photovoltaic energy generation plant that feeds the whole property and includes a battery charger for electric vehicles. Wastewater is treated biologically. The separation of garbage takes place in a practical and efficient way and is all delivered directly to the municipal collection & recycling centre. 

With all this, we try to take as little as possible from the nature and thank her for all that she let us enjoy.